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s200_jerome.whitington Jerome Whitington, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Dr Jerome Whitington is an environmental and political anthropologist at the National University of Singapore. He has a joint appointment with Tembusu College and  the Science and Technology Studies cluster of the Asia Research Institute. His primary book project Accounting for Atmosphere: Climate Change, Quantification and the Second Life of Carbon, studies emerging regimes to manage the chemical composition of the atmosphere. In particular, it investigates practices of quantification, conventions and technology, such as in carbon accounting, emissions management, carbon markets and other forms of interactive practices with the atmosphere.  He has an edited volume forthcoming with the Political and Legal Anthropology Review on the topic of Climate Transformations, including his article ‘Carbon as a Metric of the Human,’ and in 2008, he edited a special issue of Parallax entitled “Science and the Political” including his article ‘Intervention, Management, Technological Error.’ His previous research deals with hydropower and anthropogenic rivers in Southeast Asia, specifically industry management attempts to incorporate new environmental objectives, and the fuzzy boundaries between nature and media in risk management practices. He is currently completing his manuscript Anthropogenic Rivers: Entrepreneurial Lives in Lao Hydropower Development. He formerly held positions at Dartmouth College and the New School University in the United States and lived for six years in Thailand and Laos.


Dr Wen-Ling Hong, Science, Technology and Society (STS) Research Center, College of Engineering, National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan

Dr Wen-ling Hong is Director of the Science, Technology and Society (STS) Research Center, College of Engineering, National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan. She is also Ass. Professor in the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. She has been involved with STS since 2007 in co-leading an inter-disciplinary STS teaching project in the College of Engineering and Hydrosphere, sponsored by Taiwan’s Advisory Office of the Ministry of Education. Dr. Hong is a council member of the Taiwan STS Association, and leads a sub-project in an integrated STS research about environment impact assessment (ETA) policy in Taiwan. Her current research interest includes gender and technology (especially, women in engineering), public participation on pollution and remediation issues in local communities, engineering education reform, and science and technology communication. In addition to an emphasis on STS in science and medicine, in recent years Taiwan’s STS community has become more involved with environmental issues and public participation, both in academic research and societal participation. There is also keen interest in exploring aboriginal issues related to environment and policy.


Sushila ChangProfessor and Dean ( Academic) of the Sciences Group of Griffith University, Australia.


Professor Cai Zhong


Dr Aiko Hibino




Professor Irfan Prijambada

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Dr Sulfikar Amir, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore


Dr Wen-Ling Hong