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Convenor News: 5 May 2017

It’s a pleasure to be the Convenor again of the APSTSN and I look forward to working with all involved. I’m currently making some needed adjustments to the website, which will be ongoing for a while as it needs a bit of an overhaul. Also I’m starting to engage with the current members of the Steering Committee who assist the convenor in a number of areas, and we have a few business items to address. In addition, I would like to thank the 2014-2016 convenor Jerome Whitington and Steering Committee for their good work, especially the third APSTSN Biennial Conference 2015, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, organised by Wen-ling Hong  (STS, National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan) and associates, which was a great hit. Thanks also to the 2014-2016 newsletter editor Anup Kumar Das for his good work, and Kiran Pienaar for taking care of the website and social media.

In addition to the revamping of the website, the newsletter is adopting a more engaged style with our regional representatives on the Steering Group (renamed Steering Committee), and with you. These two elements of the APSTSN — the website and newsletter — are very important communication and identity elements of the Network, in addition to the APSTSN Google Groups email, which is also being content revised soon. Hopefully in the not too distant future they will become your first port of call for Asia-Pacific regional STS news and engagement, along with STS Associations and groups in the region. In the near future, members will also be sent a short survey for their perspectives on the Network in relation to its usefulness and focus etc.

As matters are changed and updated, I will send out communiques about what is happening …. but also feel free to contact me if you wish to chat or raise any matters you feel you would like to chat to me about … The Steering Committee members’ contacts will also be provided soon on the website.

For now, Best!

Richard Hindmarsh

(Snr.) Associate Professor

Griffith School of Environment, and Centre for Governance and Public Policy

Griffith University, Nathan (Brisbane), Australia

E: r.hindmarsh@griffith.edu.au    Ph. +61 7 3735 7517

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