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APSTSN Convenor Communique: September 7/9/2018

APSTSN Convenor Communique: September 7/9/2018

Dear APSTSN members

The recent 4S meeting in Sydney was a very interesting conference with many activities, including presentations, panels, films, displays, and exhibitions, with APSTSN members Emma Kowal and Matthew Kearnes being very effective organisers: congratulations to you both! More on the 4S conference will be in the next newsletter.

At the 4S Conference, I held an APSTSN Business Meeting which was well attended. As part of this, my proposal for change – Option 1: that also retains the Australasian, Asia, and International focus of the APSTSN – to a more streamlined organisational network was supported (see attached presentation slides).

Also my role as Convenor was supported to formulate the next processes for change, including developing guidelines that aim to attract high-performing academics to all stages of the new organisational structure, as outlined in the Rethinking the APSTSN Report (6 June), and to continue with normal duties.

I invite any further comment from members as I develop the guidelines and modified structure, which, when finished, will also be sent round for comment.

This pathway demonstrates stability and growth, for example, on the latter, and by the way, since I took over as Interim Convenor (April 2017), and without a focus on promotion but on renewing stability and plans for future success, the membership has grown by another 70 members.

It was also suggested that I develop all these processes for implementation at the next conference 2019, and then a handover to a new team.

On the idea of a 2019 Conference, an Indonesian Conference, proposed by Associate Professor Sulfikar Amir (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) was initially supported, and we thank Sulfikar for that effort.

But informed about, and on reflecting on, the premature state of the STS discipline at the nominated university, and in consultation with senior STS advisors, in the interests of the APSTSN and also STS Indonesia, we have decided to instead support an “Indonesia STS Development Workshop” at the nominated university.

We believe this would be beneficial for Indonesia STS to more develop its STS capacity at the nominated university (which also has no APSTSN members) in relation to existing Indonesian STS (with most of our 17 members being at Tarumanagara University), and in aiming to support regional STS activities including hosting  an APSTSN Network in the future; as we would desire.

Such STS building through workshops has been implemented in other places, for example, STS Africa, with the support of the APSTSN. We would hope A/Professor Amir continue to lend his considerable STS expertise to support this proposed valuable exercise in further developing Indonesia STS, and again thank him for his effort.

In the meantime, we have done back to the previous option of exploring possibilities to hold a 2019 Aotearoa New Zealand APSTSN conference in late 2019.

All the best, and a call for the next newsletter will be issued in the near future.

Richard (Hindmarsh)


Professor Richard Hindmarsh
Environmental Politics, Policy, and STS
Griffith School of Environment, Rm N13_2.18
Centre for Governance and Public Policy
Kessels Rd, Nathan 4111, Australia

Convenor: Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network (APSTSN)
APSTSN Website: https://apstsn.org/ (alive and under progressive reconstruction)

E: apstsn@gmail.com; r.hindmarsh@griffith.edu.au

Ph: +61 7 373 57517

Web pg: richardhindmarsh.academia.edu

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