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Call for August-Sept Newsletter items

The first call for items for the August-September 2017 APSTSN Newsletter is underway!

Please send in news of events, awards (including doctoral awards), grants, promotions, new appointments, research projects, publications (2016-2017), calls for papers / reviewers, and any news of STS in your country or organisation, STS related websites of interest, etc.

For publications please write the full reference (a URL if available) and provide an image if you like if it is a book or special journal issue.

We would love to feature your current research projects as well; please write a short summary about a paragraph long, which will also be considered for the website’s new research hub, with more development through contacting you after the newsletter.

The first call deadline for contributions is Friday 18 August. Depending on the number of items sent in we will then determine if we need a second call.

Send to r.hindmarsh@griffith.edu.au OR apstsn@gmail.com

Thanks for your help in making this an interesting newsletter.

Best!  Richard

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