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Dear Members,

The first part of the APSTSN revamp is at the technical level (soon, the organisational level). Below are two technical revamps which have taken considerable, and are still taking, time.

(1) I’m very pleased to announce the updated APSTSN website at https://apstsn@org to a more academic and professional look, I think you will concur…however, there are still has a few things to process; shortly a photo gallery will be added, also the continued updating of the some menu items, where one item ‘Research Hub’, currently empty, will intimately involve you.

Also being explored is adding the caption ‘Our lands, Our waters, Our peoples’ to the banner image. This caption marked the 2009 inaugural conference of the APSTSN, see Events on the website. Under consideration is a an invitation to members to submit photos for a banner change every so often.

(2) We have a revised welcome blurb to new members once their application to join the Network has been accepted. For your interest and also revised direction for Google Groups email the blurb reads:


“Welcome to the APSTSN and to the APSTSN Google Groups email service to easily communicate with other APSTSN members by just mailing to apstsn@googlegroups
Please use the email service for topics directly related to the APSTSN field, more broadly, STS; including events (upcoming seminars, workshops and conferences), research funding and grant opportunities, calls for papers and special issues, contemporary STS news you wish to inform other members about, and brief exchanges on interesting STS topics but not debate. Please do not use the list to advertise publications (instead use the newsletter, next one coming soon).

You can change your settings to receive every email, a daily digest, every 25 posts, etc.

Thanks for joining this growing Asia-Pacific regional network of STS scholars. For more detail, if you haven’t already investigated this, please see the ‘About APSTSN’ menu item at https://apstsn.org

If you have any questions about google group email, please contact the google groups administrator, Edward Morgan at ed.morgan@griffith.edu.au.”

For more general inquiries email the APSTSN Convenor Richard Hindmarsh at apstsn@gmail.com

I would hope these changes start to reinvigorate your use of the apstsn@googlegroups and participation and inclusion in the APSTSN, and to see strong Australasian and Asian member use grow steadily

Will be in touch soon with invitations to contribute to the Research Hub and the upcoming APSTSN Regional Newsletter



(Snr) Associate Professor Richard Hindmarsh
Environmental politics, policy, and STS
Griffith School of Environment, Rm N13_2.18
Centre for Governance and Public Policy
Kessels Rd, Nathan 4111, Australia

Convenor: Asia-Pacific Science, Technology and Society Network (APSTSN)
APSTSN Website: https://apstsn.org/ (under progressive update)

E: apstsn@gmail.com
Ph: +61 7 373 57517

Web pg: richardhindmarsh.academia.edu

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