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APSTSN Convenor News Update (19 May 2017)

In the near future I will be requesting information from APSTSN members to identify their core research areas so this can be organised roughly into group areas to inform ideas and initiatives for research collaborations, publications, for example, edited book series, and special journal issues, and also standalone paper ideas. These will then be made available on the website with email contacts. In addition, I will be requesting  summaries of member research projects for a home page space.

Other news:

  • The Steering Committee has been renamed the Steering Group as this term appears to make more sense in covering a region where representative members cannot sit down at a ‘table’ very often. I am about to see if we can link up through a social media avenue like WhatsApp in the near future to facilitate management discussions as email is rather slow and difficult in itself.
  • The details and ‘faces’ of the current members of the Steering Group is currently being sought and will be progressively updated on the Steering Group (2016-2018) page under the About Menu item on the home page.
  • a number of other things regarding the website are currently being worked on.
  • 4S is being contacted next week by myself and Dr Adam Lucas (President, Australasian Association for the History, Philosophy & Social Studies of Science) to start a joint negotiation on the inclusion of APSTSN and AAHPSSS badged sessions at the 2018 Sydney conference. The APSTSN negotiated this for the 2010 4S Tokyo conference where we had several sessions, and also an APSTSN dinner, which I will also arrange for the the 2018 4S conference.
  • After I return from holidays in mid-June I will start to initiate the new revamped newsletter, as well as provide more progress details.

All the best

Richard Hindmarsh

Contact: r.hindmarsh@griffith.edu.au

Phone (work): +61 7 37357517 (dedicated mobile phone number coming)

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