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Current steering committee


Richard Hindmarsh is co-founder of the APSTSN, and also an APSTSN International Board member He is (Snr.) Associate Professor at Griffith School of Environment, and Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. He has a PhD in STS (Griffith University, awarded 1995), and has also been an academic at the University of Queensland. His research field lies at the intersection of STS and environmental politics, policy, and governance. He currently holds two research grants:

Rethinking the Public Inquiry on Science, Technology & Environmental Change (Australian Research Council Discovery Scheme) (2017-2019: (project DP170101440)

Towards More Effective Renewable Energy Transitions in Korea (Australia-Korea Foundation: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) (2016-2019: with Partner Investigator Dr Hyomin Kim: Ulsan National Inst. of S&T, Korea)

He has published in numerous journals including Social Studies of Science, Nature, East Asian Science, Technology and Society, Environmental Politics, and Local Environment, and produced eight books, including The Fukushima Effect: A New Geopolitical Terrain (Routledge NY, 2016, co-edited with Rebecca Priestley); Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Daiichi: Social, Political and Environmental Issues (Routledge NY, 2013); Genetic Suspects: Global Governance of Forensic DNA Profiling and Databasing (Cambridge University Press, UK, 2010, co-edited with Barbara Prainsack); and Edging Towards BioUtopia University of Western Australia Press: 2008).

Contact: r.hindmarsh@griffith.edu.au; ph: +61 7 37357517

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Darrin Durant

Steering committee: Regional representatives


Darrin Durant (see co-convenor above)


Guoyu Wang

Hong Kong

Gonçalo Santos


Jap Tji Beng


Mai Suzuki


Rey Tiquia


Yi-Tze Lee

To be filled






  1. bricslics says:

    All the best for the new team!
    Who is representing India this time?
    With best wishes
    Anup Kumar Das
    New Delhi, India

    • Hi Anup, According to section 2 of the APSTSN Strategic Plan (which is akin to a Constitution for an association), I’m afraid India is not formally represented as it lies in South Asia not in the Asia Pacific region according to UN conventions. However, we do earnestly welcome Indian STS scholars to join the APSTSN and participate in its functions and events, and be a recipient of news and APSTSN regional updates. We also welcome news of Indian STS events.

      best Richard (APSTSN Convenor)

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